Utopia    Focus 11 Sep 2017

Plant company, Patch, takes the greenery trend to new heights with an urban houseplant revival


We all know that the back-to-nature-inspired greenery trend has been a huge hit in kitchens and bathrooms throughout the first half of 2017, but we are yet to see another company more dedicated to bringing natural beauty back into the home than online plant experts Patch.

The newly launched company – which introduced itself to the UK market just 12 months ago – is based in East London and has recently raised $1.1million in investments to fund its ‘urban houseplant revival’. Patch aims to spread awareness to urban homeowners about the naturally beautiful benefits of including real plants in your kitchen and bathroom design. Alongside oxygenating the air, a selection of natural plants will inject bundles of colour, character and texture into your scheme – adding a new dimension to any room.

Alongside making healthy, nature-filled homes, Patch has also helped make workplaces – including the offices of Facebook, Google and Sweaty Betty – more naturally beautiful than ever before, just by adding a little green.

“For too long, the pleasure of living with plants, whether indoors or outdoors, has been out of reach to young city dwellers. With this round of investment, we hope to make it simpler for people to buy the right plants for them and their space. We’re going to use technology to equip them with knowledge, discovery and inspiration and, in turn, provide superb service and convenience. Our aim is to help more people to love a life with plants,” said Freddie Blackett, CEO and Co-Founder of Patch.

Patch | patch.garden