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Papilio’s Prophecy – Colour Trends for 2018: Warmth, vibrant schemes, colour clashes, and dark hues

As the first of a four-part prophecy – including predictions for colour, material, aesthetic, and appliance trends – today we take a look at what the bespoke kitchen design company based in Frome, Somerset, says about colour.

Warmth from neutrals, golds, browns and organics
Golds have been on trend for a while now but the move to combining them with browns and organic materials is going to be big for 2018. Combining the use of neutrals, golds and organic textures makes for a warm environment with a slight seventies feel, hitting the mark in terms of both style and substance. The boho look is not only easily adaptable with other colours but also comes hand in hand with good quality and timeless design – something which a kitchen needs to present.

Vibrant colour schemes
Vibrant colour schemes will continue to be popular for 2018 with a focus on both Scandinavian application – pops of bright colour – or complete maximalism – with colour clashes similar to ‘House of Hackney’ style. The use of colour in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect home-owners’ personalities and their needs. For instance, a space for cooking should be light and bright while spaces designed for entertaining could have a darker essence to provide a suitable ambience.

Colour Clash
Colour clashing is going to be huge for 2018 with the likes of fashion house Peter Pilotto recently championing the trend in their London Design Festival Townhouse Takeover. One for the bold, the trend incorporates clashing complimentary colours such as mustard yellow and lilac, bubblegum pink and lime green, to create a bright and beautiful setting with plenty of inspiration in terms of hues and saturation. However, homeowners don’t need to go all out and can instead incorporate colour clashing furniture while keeping the walls and floors neutral. Perfect if you decide you like the look and want to go bolder at a later stage.

Dark Hues
Dark hues are also staying on top with dark blues, forest greens and dark greys becoming even more popular at the latter stages of 2017. Plenty of Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue has been gracing the walls of the most loved journalists, bloggers and influencers, so we know that consumers will be looking to apply darker shades to their walls as well. For something a little different and for those loving the lilac trend but not brave enough to go for it, shades of Plum are also coming through. Darker shades are perfectly paired with Brass which is another big trend for 2018.

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