Designer    Focus 29 Jan 2018

Papilio’s Prophecy – Appliance Trends for 2018: Smarter, multiple, integrated, sparkling water

As the final part of a four-part prophecy – including predictions for colour, material, aesthetic, and appliance trends – today we take a look at what the bespoke kitchen design company based in Frome, Somerset, says about appliances.

Smart homes
More people would like to incorporate the latest modern appliances in their own homes.

Of particular interest is integrated music and lighting that can all be controlled via one central hub, as well as a call for iPads and mobile charging ports installed in work surfaces. The Amazon Dash button and Google home have also become essentials to some clientele, allowing them to order products, play music, set reminders or find out recipes at the touch of a button or the sound of a voice. When it comes to smart lighting, products like the Lutron Grafik Eye system, an energy saving light treatment control, allows the user to transform any space from a bright prep and cooking space into a moody dinner setting at the push of a button. With Lutron you can program up to 16 different mood settings and control up to 8 different zones, it is also possible to integrate with smart phone for complete control versatility.

Multiple appliances
When you have a large family home and you’re looking to entertain guests, it’s not exactly ideal to have just the one oven. People are engaging in much busier lifestyles these days and it makes sense to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, particularly for people who are big on entertaining. Placing a row of three ovens at eye-level can create a real statement. Realistically, it doesn’t stop at ovens. As multi-generational households become more mainstream, multiple dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators can make a bustling home-life run smoother.

Integrated extraction
Cooking elements set within an island are becoming an ever more popular feature within contemporary kitchens. Of course, with this feature comes issues of extraction. Conventional extraction hoods simply don’t cut it when trying to create ambience. One solution to this problem is a downdraft extractor, and although these are still quite expensive they should become more affordable throughout the year. The extractors are becoming wonderfully discrete. In its withdrawn state an extractor can sit flush with the work surface. This style of extractor often includes a concealed ‘task light’ to illuminate the cooking area. Another benefit is that due to the fact that they sit relatively close to the appliances and the fans are contained within the kitchen cabinets, the amount of sound generated is less, in accordance with the emerging trend of quietude in kitchens.

Sparkling water taps
We’ve moved on from Quooker in terms of technology, with brands like Zip Tap now producing more advanced drinking water appliances. Their Zip HydroTap transforms ordinary water into a form of the client’s choice, all via one tap, using patented PowerPulseTM boiling, Direct DryChilling and ColdCore Carbonation with MicroPurity filtration technologies. Pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water is now available at the push of a button. What’s more, research has shown that people drink more water as a result of having a sparkling water tap. And with a growingly health-conscious population, it would make sense that these taps become increasingly popular.

Now only time will tell if these colour, material, aesthetic, and appliances prove popular in 2018.

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