Designer    Focus 29 Aug 2017

Making waves – the design team at Tomas Kitchen Living advocate curvaceous kitchen cabinetry

A powerful trio of crisp corners, linear shapes and a strictly neutral palette once dominated the kitchen market. However, tides are beginning to change; though striking linear shapes are still hugely popular in the contemporary kitchen, homeowners are also leaning toward a softer aesthetic, with flowing curves and the possibility of abstract, artistic shapes.


The design team at Tomas Kitchen Living are definite advocates for contemporary curved kitchens; “Stylish, practical and ergonomic, a curved kitchen is guaranteed to add a wow factor to your home,” commented the company. “Allowing the space to feel more open and inviting, the soft lines are an elegant solution to kitchen design.” Seeking to provide a wide range of kitchen solutions for its clients, Tomas Kitchen Living offers a selection of curved cabinetry in each of its four ranges.


The company suggest that the curved kitchen cabinetry – though a definite possibility for any sized space – is an innovative solution for smaller kitchens. Making a definite visual impact through its shapely aesthetic means that a homeowner can still opt for a neutral palette that will allow the space to appear bigger, without it looking bland or unwelcoming. For a larger space, a curved central island will make a dramatic focal point, while using contemporary, linear, handleless cabinetry for the remainder of the kitchen will make for an interesting visual contrast.

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