Designer    Focus 08 Dec 2017

Kitchen International discusses ‘interior architecture’ and marks out its 2018 trend predictions

According to UK kitchen retailer Kitchens International ‘interior architecture’ is the new buzzword for 2018; it describes the use of simple and relatively affordable materials to create spaces and storage, which are complemented by more expensive kitchen furniture or appliances. Angus Mackintosh, Senior Sales Designer at KI added: “This trend moves out into living areas too where furniture and storage items will be in-built (often using kitchen cabinetry throughout) which will highlight fewer, more dramatic standalone furniture.”

Another key look spotted by Kitchens International is a crisp, linear aesthetic, which employs floor-to-ceiling units with no plinths or space above the unit – providing maximum storage eve the smallest areas. Open shelving with internal lighting is also becoming increasingly popular, especially in kitchen islands, as it produces a relaxed living-room-like aesthetic.

To soften these strict lines, many designers are turning toward interesting textures and finishes, with timber effects and concrete-sprayed finishes offering an eclectic tone, while the dominance of white high gloss cabinetry is dramatically waning. Lighting is of course incredibly important in the kitchen, and layers of lighting are key. Angus Mackintosh explains: “Disguised light channels built into the plasterboard are very on trend in modern architecture buildings and I expect this to merge over to the kitchen world and become more common place in most designs.”

And when it comes to the worktops, Ailsa Howarth, Design Consultant at KI explained: “Manmade products, such as Silestone and engineered stone are of such a high quality and strength now that the more natural worktops are less popular. The manmade worktops offer so many more options for textures or patterns to be incorporated into the worktop.”

Finally, the sustainability of kitchens is becoming ever more important and manufacturers are looking at ways of developing cabinetry using sustainable materials. While innovations are steadily developing in the movability and accessibility of kitchens, with multi-user kitchens for those both abled bodied and less abled being an increasing wish for many homeowners, encouraging manufacturers to work on advancing moveable worksurfaces, appliances and tables.

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