Utopia    Focus 06 Dec 2017

Ripples furniture design incorporates a bath, shower, basin, mirror and storage in one

Available from Ripples, the RC40 Room Concept is Burgbad’s top of the range bathroom furniture system. You can buy individual pieces such as sideboards or vanity units, or you can use several elements together, for example by combining the bathtubs and vanity units with mirror cabinets and cabinet units. Or you can design the entire room with RC40 units and walls (as featured). None of the plumbing fittings remain visible and the dimensions are customisable, and
 the furniture comes in a wide range of finishes and colours.

This incredible piece of bathroom furniture incorporates a bath, shower, basin, large mirror and storage. It’s so cleverly designed and compact it allows the rest of your bathroom space to be entirely taken up with other things – whether you want built-in clothes cupboards, a bookshelf, entire dressing area or a place to sit and watch the day go by.

Designer at Ripples Bathrooms, Molly Whitefield, said: “RC is a very versatile and customisable collection. It’s a sleek and contemporary collection and as a designer this collection enables me to create beautifully bespoke and unique bathrooms.”

Ripples Bathrooms | ripplesbathrooms.com
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