Designer    Focus 18 Sep 2017

Here’s how Albion’s Iso-Enamel will give homeowners a beautiful bath with modern functionality

The material a bath is crafted from dictates it weight, durability and conductivity, therefore effecting not only its aesthetic proportions but also its practical qualities. The Albion Bath Company’s unique Iso-enamel material provides the best of both worlds; the self-reinforced, acrylic free, cast stone resin and material mixture gives a texture and aesthetic similar to cast iron, but with the practical benefits of a modern material.

Thanks to this innovative material, an Albion bath weighs a 1/3 of the weight of an equivalent cast iron bath, and insulates the water for up to an hour longer than a more traditional model. Additionally, Iso-Enamel will easily withstand all cleaning products, without fear of discolouration, scratching or chipping.

“Cast Iron baths, while great to look at, simply have too many drawbacks for today’s modern bathrooms, which was why we came up with our Iso-Enamel material. By eliminating problems such as weight and heat loss, we are able to offer customers a product which still has the essence of the original designs, with all the convenience of the 21st Century,” commented Phil Etherden, Managing Director of The Albion Bath Company.

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