Designer    Focus 04 Sep 2017

Grundig takes the technology sector by storm with its newly unveiled smart technologies

Manufacturer of home electronics, Grundig, has unveiled the newest generation smart technologies for the home for the Sustainable Home 2.0 project.

A selection of innovative high-tech home appliances will pave the way for the creation of sustainable homes. The primary aims of the new appliances not only focus on making consumers’ lives easier but also focus on reducing energy usage and food waste, to create more sustainable, eco-friendly residences.

“Our commitment to sustainability and continual investment in the connected home space has resulted in a new generation of sustainable home appliances. We strongly believe that home is the best place to bring sustainability to life, and our premium, full range brand Grundig is focused on building the sustainable household of the future through connectivity and innovation. Grundig’s new portfolio is designed with this goal in mind,” commented Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Grundig’s parent company Arçelik.


The future is now in digital homes…

Grundig’s new Recycled PET tub for washing machines is a plastic tub crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Each tub is made of 60 recycled PET plastic bottles, meaning that an estimated that, within the first phase of production, 6.6 million bottles annually will be recycled to produce this ground-breaking technology – resulting in an annual total energy saving of 5.7million kWh, which equates to the annual energy usage of approximately 1,700 homes. IN addition, by recycling these PET plastic bottles, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by a total of 885 tonnes per year.

Equally revolutionary, the company’s latest refrigerators feature a Realtime Inventory Tracking system that keeps constant track of food’s expiry dates, nutritional information and even provides recipe suggestions. This allows users to minimise their waste and promote healthier eating habits. minimising waste and promoting healthy eating.

And to give the kitchen the full complement of high tech appliances, Grundig’s Virtual User Experience Technology (VUX®) is a fully integrated panel that can control the entire kitchen from one point. The smart hub uses intelligent projection technology to transform an ordinary induction hob into an intuitive work surface and allows users to control everything from their extractor hood to their blender or kettle and from one space.

Additionally, all the newest appliances can also be controlled via the HomeWhiz® system. The simple app allows homeowners to control their appliances in one place, via a tablet, phone or Smart TV and receive updates on their energy use.

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