kb-network    Focus 11 Apr 2018

GROHE’s work with Provinzial Rheinland marks the start of its fight against water damage 

During February this year, GROHE began its official collaboration with leading German insurance firm, Provinzial Rheinland, in the aim to prevent water damage. The agreement, which was announced by Michael Rauterkus, CEO of GROHE and Patric Fedlmeier, Chairman of the Board of Provinzial Rheinland, at the Provinzial Rheinland Kongress in Bonn, Germany, aims to apply GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard water security systems to detect and prevent leaks for the insurance company’s customers.

This opens a fresh pool of business possibilities for GROHE, who planned further negotiations with insurance companies in countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

The next step
In the future, GROHE’s innovative water security system will be installed in end consumers’ homes by i-Nadis, the service provider of Provinzial Rheinland. But, prior to this, Provinzial Rheinland is keen to gain experience in the Sense Guard’s functionality and will conduct a test phase with its 30 branch office managers. The insurance company will test the intelligent water control for certain customer groups. Those can be, for example, owners of houses where imminent water damage is more likely than average due to the property’s advanced age or due to previous leaks. In the final step, all customers are to receive an offer to use GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard water security system.

The Sense-ible option – the functionality of GROHE Sense and Sense Guard

The GROHE Sense water sensor monitors room temperature and humidity, detects water retention and gives warnings if the levels become too high or low. While GROHE Sense Guard takes it one step further; installed directly in the main water line, it can automatically stop the water supply if a leak has been detected. Both use ground-breaking smart technology, allowing them to be monitored and controlled using the GROHE ONDUS app.

Positive results for everyone
“In Germany, the imminent danger of water damage and its extent is greatly underestimated by the public,” said Michael Rauterkus, CEO of GROHE. “I am delighted that with Provinzial Rheinland we have found a strong partner with whom together we can show that the problem is real, but that there is a solution!”

“From the beginning, we have been convinced by the innovative approach of GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard,” added Patric Fedlmeier, Chairman of the Board of Provinzial Rheinland. “We want to use this unique smart home solution to help prevent water damage and therefore increase the customer satisfaction with our company.”

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