Utopia    Focus 07 Mar 2018

Get top tips from designer and TV personality, Linda Barker, on creating a serene bathroom scheme


Celebrated designer and TV personality, Linda Barker, has taken her passion for interiors to the next level, by launching a jaw-dropping selection of stylish surfaces, in collaboration with Multipanel.

The new Linda Barker collection, from Multipanel, is comprised of three key ranges: the industrial-styled Elements range focuses on feel-good texture. From afar each panel appears to have a subtle mottled effect, but up close, the depth of colour and incredible detailing becomes clear; the surfaces even feel slightly rough to the touch – conveying an authentic industrial tone.

Boasting more beautiful textural aesthetics, the wood range features slightly weathered finishes, that will add warmth and character to any bathroom space. Comprised of Concrete Formwood and Salvaged Planked Elm, the range varies from grey to golden-brown hues, and is an ideal solution for making larger bathrooms feel more warm, welcoming and serene. While the Stone range – the largest selection in the Linda Barker collection – truly harks back to nature. Ranging from the crisp white tones of Calacatta marble right down to the moody hues of Jet Noir, the Stone selection boasts intricate veining patterns, contrasting shades and a cool, polished or soft, matt finish – making it easy to emulate the look of a top hotel bathroom in your own home.

Though Linda loves “dark moody themes and would lean towards one of the panels such as Graphite Elements, with its rugged, industrial feel,” with her expansive new collection, it’s easy to craft the bathroom of your dreams, no matter your colour preference. Here’s a few of Linda’s top design tips:

  • A bathroom should be a calming restorative place, so loud colour clashes may prove to be just a little bit too distracting. Subtle contrasts of shade and texture, on the other hand, can give you pleasing combinations that work well in creating focal points that draw attention.
  • Sketch out a floor plan to factor in all requirements, including storage – regardless of its dimensions, your bathrooms should still have a generous feeling of space.
  • Give yourself time to plan your perfect space. A mood board in the room will give you the opportunity to mull things over and allow the design to grow on you. To get the perfect look, avoid snap decisions.
  • Avoid being swayed too much by on-trend reports – they might be lovely, but may not be the best solution for your space.

To hear more from Linda, and details about her new Multipanel collection, watch our exclusive video interview, here!


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