Designer    Focus 27 Apr 2017

An entirely transparent kitchen, designed by MVRDV, transforms the cooking experience

This completely transparent kitchen enables food to stand centre stage. Dutch design and architectural firm MVRDV designed a fully transparent kitchen as part of a satellite event for the Venice Biennale last year.

The installation was designed stylistically similar to a contemporary, modular kitchen. However, by scaling back its use of materials and opting for a purely transparent aesthetic, the kitchen makes a striking visual impression.

MVRDV’s aim with this design was to improve the user’s culinary experience and challenge some of the preconceptions of kitchen design, with transparent surfaces, shelves, cupboards, taps and utensils coming together to give a new insight into domestic food production.

The designers’ intention is for the kitchen to expose both the beautiful and ugly sides of food production, and celebrates cooking as an art form that, in this context, can be viewed like a show.

The kitchen is not the first time that MVRDV has presented a vision of transparency.
 Its Crystal Houses project in Amsterdam
is characterised by a traditional building façade crafted entirely from glass.

Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine