Utopia    Focus 24 Jan 2018

Dream of an elegantly eclectic bathroom? You’ll love this mix and match scheme by Roman…


When it comes to choosing your dream bathroom, the first question is often: ‘contemporary or traditional?’ But with eclectic schemes topping the trends in 2018, why choose between period-style luxury and modern chic, when a careful balance of both can give you an elegantly eclectic scheme.

This Roman bathroom scheme uses matt wooden flooring, in a herringbone effect, with a capacious contemporary shower system and basin area. While the decorative wall effects, wall lighting and etched-glass shower doors add a traditional touch – creating a sweet, boutique style scheme.

The shower doors are from Roman’s new Victoriana collection. The on-trend period-style designs feature delicate white etching, which is fired into the glass, and work wonderfully set against an eclectic, boutique space. The Victoriana design is also available on the brand’s Decem wetroom panel and bath screen.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “Our collection of Victoriana glass was one of Roman’s early glass designs when the company first started in 1985. So, we have brought the product back after 30 years – we have updated the design to be launched in 2018. We have re-introduced our Victoriana Collection into our product offering due to the ongoing trend of period styling in the home and the desire for a more traditional and vintage style look.”

Roman | roman-showers.com