Designer    Focus 28 Mar 2018

Discover the design details behind the innovative Magnetolab kitchen concept

The modern Magnetolab kitchen encourages consumers to Imagine if the space in which you move, work, meet… live, is adaptable to your needs and ready to change appearance whenever you want … A world … tailored for you’

Following its ongoing aim to ‘improve everyday domestic movements, with particular attention to the kitchen, a place where to meet, share, and create’, furniture specialist Gruppo Euromobil crafted the unique Magnetolab concept. Rather than looking at the larger furniture elements, the design itself focuses around the accessories and utensils required for food preparation and cooking, and the impossibility of finding a place for them all in a traditional kitchen scene.

The walls and splashback area of the kitchen, as the design’s name suggests, incorporate heavy duty magnets that fix a series of clever storage solutions, including hooks, shelving, cookbook racks and pockets to the wall. The versatile design allows users to select the exact placement of their storage facilities, and, thanks to the simple magnet-to-metal fixing, allows them to move the storage elements and rearrange them to suit their current needs. Not only is this simple solution a functional innovation, but equally plays to the current stylistic trend for personalisation – as consumers can literally transform their kitchen space in a few quick steps, adjusting the aesthetic to suit them personally.

Magnetolab, the company claims, is the ‘most hygienic, dynamic, and ergonomic solution’. Each accessory is equipped with an integrated iron bar – ensuring it will be sufficiently magnetised to the wall and hold its position for as long as required. Cleaning the area, by extension, also becomes easier, as users can simply remove the items from the wall and are able to reach every ‘nook and cranny’ – eliminating the possibility of hidden dirt and bacterial build-ups.

The Magnetolab wall is available in a variety of RAL colour 9mm-thick tempered glass, an 8mm-thick Gress surface, 7mm Corian or 9mm-thick Dekton. While the available accessories include: an iPad holder and book holder, a kitchen roll holder, floating shelving, ladle hanger with hooks, ladle holder (in the form of a ‘floating’ cup), a bottle holder, a spice rack and a block holder to safely store knives.

To see the Magnetolab ‘in action’, watch the video, below…

Featured: The Magnetolab kitchen is shown here paired with Aran Cucine’s MIA kitchen.

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