Designer    Focus 15 Mar 2018

Demand for push-button functionalities fuels IGNITE – Hudson Reed’s new shower range

The IGNITE Push-Button showers from Hudson Reed offer convenient functions such as start/stop activation, on/off flow controls, as well as the ability to direct flows from dedicated outlets such as an overhead shower, body jets or a hand-held shower – all with the simplicity of a button. Demand for such simple yet elegant functionalities have fuelled this development in Hudson Reed’s range, as confirmed by James Abrams, Sales Director for Hudson Reed:

“The popularity of push-button showers is growing year-on-year as consumers recognise the benefits they offer such as style, convenience and the ultimate in controllability,” said Reed. “Our new Ignite range introduces this cutting-edge technology at a very competitive price point, which opens up new market opportunities and sales potential for our retailers.”

Available in both round- and square-button chrome options, the IGNITE showers feature a slimline design with all the controls neatly hidden behind the almost flush-mounted concealing plate and are built around the innovative in-house, UK manufactured, Valquest shower valve for thermostatic control and safety, performance and durability.

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