Designer    Focus 04 Apr 2018

Could Caple’s new Nosta extractor mark the rise of retro designs in kitchens and bathrooms? 

Retro design ideas seem to suffer peaks and troughs of popularity in the kitchen and bathroom market, but through the first part of 2018 are being given an increasing amount of attention. Though not necessarily foreseen as one of the ‘key trends’ in the predictions of late last year, a few key products have been launched lately that indicate we may be about to see a rise in retro designs…

The all-new Nosta

Launched this month, Caple’s new Nosta downdraft extractor aims to evoke – as its name suggests – feelings of nostalgia in its users. Shaped akin to traditional jukeboxes, the extractor cleverly combines retro design ideas with contemporary copper and black glass finishes, allowing it to sit betwixt eras and balance both modern and traditionally retro influences. Functionally, the model features four speeds, including a boost function with an automatic timer that switches off ten minutes after cooking is complete.

And, adding to its suave appearance, the extractor’s ability to ‘disappear’ into the worktop post-use gives it a fun Back to the Future vibe. The Nosta model is also available with a recirculation kit and replacement charcoal filters.

Other key players

Caple’s Nosta follows a sprinkling of retro designs that have been appearing in the kitchen and bathroom market recently.

Retro style doesn’t often evoke picture of the 1920’s, yet this form of retro inspiration, that is brimming with beautiful Art Deco looks has been a popular choice for bathrooms for a fair while. Collections such as Ripples’ Diva furniture – that is available in a variety of opulent aesthetics – alongside an abundance of glamorous monochromatic marbles have provided consumers with quick and easy ways to add period glamour to their home.

However, the more ‘iconically retro’ style is indicative of the 1950’s and combines bold prints, bright colours and the curvaceous shapes of yesteryear. Sola Kitchens’ Sletten range is a perfect example of its application in kitchens, while the innovative Vinyl basin designed by Gianluca Paludi for Olympia, shows its increased popularity in bathroom design too.

We spoke to Caple’s Product Manager, Luke Shipway about the Nosta’s new-yet-retro design and how extractors themselves are becoming more of a design statement in the kitchen, also. “These days, cooker hoods have become fashion statements due to the creativity from product designers as well as lifestyle changes, where more time is being spent in the kitchen, and the introduction of raw materials, such as stainless steel and glass,” Shipway explained. “With its innovative and quirky, retro styling, our stunning new state-of-the-art Nosta downdraft extractor will make a striking feature. When not in use, its impressive copper body retracts beneath the worktop for a sleek, seamless finish, enhancing its designer appeal even further.”

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