Designer    Feature 11 Jul 2017

Vlad Mititelu’s trumpet- inspired design aims to strike the right note in the bathroom…

The aptly named ‘Jazz’ is part of Vlad Mititelu’s Art Showers series. The characterful model is clad in copper wire, which has been carefully applied by hand to provide a high shine finish similar to the shining gold surface of the instrument from which it takes its shape.

Jazz is controlled by two handles, positioned close to one another on the
right hand side to mirror the position of a trumpet’s valves, while making water ow and temperature easy to control.

The origins of this intriguing design began in the bath. “I found the inspiration for this project in an almost mystic moment while taking a bath and listening to jazz music
at the same time,” explains Mititelu. “I felt no difference between water and music. It was almost like I was floating on the sound of the trumpet that I was hearing.”

After this transcendental bathtime experience, Mititelu worked on drafting the correct shape for the shower, finding the optimum size and deciding on the right internal mechanism. “I started constructing it using copper pipes,” explained Mititelu. “There were a couple of parts, such as the ‘trumpet bell’ which I had to build out of clay and then cast in an acrylic resin. The last stage of the process was to carefully apply the copper wires over the whole object.”

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