Utopia    Feature 30 Jan 2017

Utopia’s ultimate guide to worktops and top tips to bare in mind when investing in your kitchen surface…

Great looks and durability – seems too good to be true? The perfect worktop to partner your kitchen can be both sturdy and striking. Now is not the time to settle!


Finding the perfect kitchen worktop can be as tricky as picking the perfect partner, and the market for both is buzzing with possibilities.

Surfaces are essential, but now is the time to be picky – innovations in materials means that sturdiness is certain, and durability – a definite; no longer do we have to choose the ‘sensible’ option and simply settle for reliability only. Its easier than ever to choose a wow-factor worktop that doesn’t compromise on practicality.


The kitchen is no longer a place of pure functionality, but often is the hub of the home; therefore, think about what will work best for all eventualities. Smooth, solid-surface materials are fantastic for fighting off the mucky of little guests, and can be molded in a myriad of ways to make a shapely statement. Sparkling stones, such as quartz or marble, will be sure to impress visiting family friends, while opting for a creative copper finish will make an edgy and industrial design statement.

A wow-factor worktop should stand centre-stage in your kitchen, but remember to consider the colours and finishes that will work best with it. Warm wooden tones can complement copper or can be used to add warmth to a white, bright surface.


Do not fear if you can’t find it yourself – your designer can play Cupid on this task and will know how to perfectly match-make your kitchen with a worktop. But be sure to scour the market, play the field, and see which surface catches your eye. The right worktop will completely transform your kitchen, and make a statement even in the most subdued surroundings…The ‘one’ is out there!

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine