Utopia    Feature 30 Jan 2017

Utopia’s how-to on conquering the world of bathroom tiles, colours, and finishes…

Bring a new dimension to your bathroom by introducing an exciting mix of materials, colours, textures, and finishes. Merge metals, weave woods, and mix marbles to make creative combinations that are enticingly eclectic and wildly individual.

There are a handful of go-to materials, colours, textures, and finishes that are perfectly suited to the bathroom environment. Sinuous curves, white enamel, and smooth surfaces are among the tried and tested elements we know and trust within our bathroom designs. But there is no need to commit to a single style. Why not embrace a whole host of bathroom textures, a spectrum of colours and a medley of materials that will come together to craft a space that is entirely unique?

Mixing styles can help blur the boundaries between contemporary and classic interior design. For example, an ultra-modern solid surface material teamed with aged timber will look as at home in a new-build as it will in a traditional setting. The mix of old and new will ensure your space is timeless, and guarantee it won’t quickly date and be a burden when it comes time to sell!

When considering which materials would suit your space, remember to take the room’s size into account. An eclectic mix of materials may sound appealing, but it can appear overwhelming in a compact cloakroom or bijou bedroom. To get the look in a smaller space, try restricting your medley to a single area, and opt for stripped-back monotone surroundings to offset your eclectic focal point.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine