Utopia    Feature 01 Aug 2016

Utopia look at the evolution of kitchen interior design and the rise of the raised unit

The kitchen has evolved.

What was once a room used solely for cooking is now the hub of the home; a place for socialising, informal dining and sharing a drink with family and friends. Today’s kitchen is a fully functioning living space, and cabinetry has embraced the trend, tactfully blurring the divide between the kitchen and the rest of the home.

This bold style really stands on its own legs… Raised units are visually captivating, appearing more like individual pieces of furniture, rather than the typical fitted kitchens we are familiar with. The look suits open-plan spaces, where the kitchen is always on show, but works just as well in separated rooms, where the ‘furniture feel’ creates a less formal, more welcoming vibe.

Don’t be deceived by appearances these units may look portable, but those with built-in appliances, sinks or taps will be fixed to support electricity, gas and water. Their distinct modular aesthetic means, unlike with a fitted design, additional pieces can be added over time without damaging the look, and parts of the layout can be reconfigured or adapted as required. If you have the space, consider rotating your island, or periodically moving storage units for a fresh new layout.

Whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or desire a more contemporary scheme, this versatile look can work for you. Embrace the style with an island and units raised by long, defined legs, or for a subtle take on the trend, consider short, wider legs, or opt for a table-style island to complement your regular fitted cabinetry.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine