Utopia    Feature 22 Feb 2017

Unleash the glory of glitz and glamour in your luxury bathroom design…

The glory of glitz and glamour is back! Rightfully reigning again, this truly tempting trend waves goodbye to classic conventions, turns its back on style boundaries, and steams ahead with sparkle standing centre stage…


Everyone loves the modern, minimalist schemesm and the cute shabby-chic combinations. Of course, we’ll use the right solid-surface worktop and high-tech touchscreen oven, and be ‘on-trend’, unique and quirky, trend setting rather than following, in just the right way. But is there ever a moment when, flicking through the Tiffany catalogue, you sit back, stare at the walls, and wish life could be a little more sparkly? Well it can be!

Sparkle is back, shimmer is in, and the reign of diamonds has truly returned. With effervescent designs in the kitchen and bathroom coming to the fore, there’s always an occasion for glamour. True – it can be difficult to get ‘right’, and there is the temptation to go slightly over-the-top. A little restraint can go a long way.

From mesmerising tile mosaics to the out-there opulence of gold-plated baths (and lets not forget every bathrooms best friend – diamonds), you can tailor this sparkling style to suit your taste. Though daring, this trend doesn’t have to exceed your boundaries of what is beautiful.

A contemporary bathroom can be brightened up with a fabulous finish, such as shimmering mirror-effect cladding, or glamorous gold plating, while still maintaining a chic and contemporary aesthetic. In a more traditional space, consider introducing ‘statement sparkle’ – a crystal-encrusted freestanding bath or an extravagant vintage chandelier – then keep the surrounding space fairly simple to ensure your dramatic dazzler stands centre stage.


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine