Utopia    Feature 15 Feb 2018

‘Umming’ and ‘ahing’ about an outdoor kitchen? These five benefits could sway you…

Gone are the days of a glorified barbeque being called an ‘outdoor kitchen’. Fully plumbed-in, wired up, furnished and filled with the latest accessories, outdoor kitchens from companies such as WWOO can now offer you all the culinary conveniences of their interior counterparts. Here are five unexpected benefits of outdoor kitchens:

1. Preparing meals won’t be an isolated activity

Rather than hiding inside while your guests sit, socialise and soak up the sun, you can now be outside with them, asking them how they like their food cooked, and offering them drinks from the fridge. With the spaciousness of the outdoors, guests won’t clog up doorways as they wander freely between the kitchen and dining spaces.




  1. Your life will get easier when you open the garden gate

If you have important guests coming over, don’t worry about getting the house spotless. Instead, use the time you’d spend cleaning on decorating the outside kitchen area. Open up the side access to your garden, and hang some bunting in the daytime or fairy-lights in the evening, to guide them down a stylish entranceway.



  1. You’ll get the most (and the least) out of nature

Leave out some feed for the birds, and you might have some unexpected guests to admire in the quiet moments of your gathering. Positioning potted plants in threes and fours to demarcate boundaries is a pro tip – but be sure to use colourful flowers to stand out in daylight, and in waning light white or yellow flowers that are easier to see in the dark. Scented flowers are a must, and are best placed close to wind-shelters such as fences, walls, and pergolas, so the scent is retained. Lastly, making the most of nature also means making the least of its ugly side. Citronella candles will deter most insects from interrupting your meal.