Utopia    Feature 01 Apr 2015

Tips and Tricks that will transform your small kitchen into a practical and stylish design

Cramped space doesn’t have to mean cramped style – small kitchens can still be functional and beautiful – here we give you some tips and tricks to turn the space you have into a stylish kitchen that works for you

The work triangle – consider how it could be accommodated in your space – it connects the fridge, sink and cooker in a work flow – think: food, prep, cook.

Sliding doors in a thin galley style kitchen mean there is no door jutting out into the space you’re standing in.

Worktops with drawers underneath – one next to the sink for prep and one next to the cooker – make for easy cooking.

Full height units that go right to the ceiling are worth consideration – but only on two walls as it can appear top heavy and make the kitchen seem even smaller.


Narrow shelving is very practical for all the little bottles and jars, but uncovered can look messy – cover it up with the latest glass shutters.

Drawers are far more space saving than shelves, as you don’t waste the space you need above the shelf to get your hand in to reach things at the back.

Good lighting will make a space seem larger

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine