Utopia    Feature 21 Feb 2017

The top high-tech home gadgets that will completely change the way your kitchen works…

For the best thing since sliced bread, look no further…

From the origins of fridges to today’s integrated 6th sense elements – which boast Bluetooth connectivity, partnering smartphone apps, music and TV functions, all at the touch of a button – kitchen development has never simply been about style, but focuses on practicality too. These high-tech products can make even the trickiest of kitchen tasks seemingly effortless.

When choosing a new interior no longer do we simply judge what it looks like, we ask what it does. The latest high-tech innovation can easily assimilate into your chosen style, becoming a hugely important aspect of your chosen design.

Fortunately for us, recent advancements now mean “I want” does get!  Ask for almost any technological requirement you can imagine, and its’s likely you won’t be disappointed. Technology can make everyday kitchen chores less onerous, and bring multimedia – such as TV and music – into the kitchen, and help you host the perfect party thanks to cooking technology worthy of making Michelin star meals.

In this storm of super-powered technology , one must simply ensure that it doesn’t entirely dominate your design. Be sure to check with your designer that the technology you choose can either be integrated into, or work with, your space; style is still important!


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine