Utopia    Feature 01 Jun 2016

The rise of the sleek, stylish and contemporary continental European kitchen design

These modern European kitchens are sleek, contemporary and über stylish. Clean, linear and ordered — they are as stunning as they are functional

Continental kitchens have made their way across the channel.

European kitchens are generally sleeker and more contemporary than their British counterparts. The traditional, hand-crafted look gives way to a stripped back, simple style that is clean, minimal and more akin to a photo studio than a functional kitchen. But don’t be deceived but their appearance. Europe is known the world over for its astounding feats of gastronomy, so function is still very much at the heart of these kitchen designs. 

The island is key. The streamlined kitchen design focuses on an elongated island that connects the different areas of your space. If you have a large room, opt for a lengthy design that can rival the span of cabinetry on your wall run.

Keep it simple with a crisp white finish that celebrates the pared-back style, rather than a vibrant hue that will detract from the purist look.    

Handleless cabinetry has a slickness that is hard to match, but if a push-to-open mechanism is too avant-garde, consider linear bar handles, subtle grooves or integrated handles that won’t detract from the modern European aesthetic.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine