Designer    Feature 30 Sep 2013

The Future of Kitchen Design: Cornelius Paxmann defies gravity with his seamless kitchen units

Stretching materials and physics to the limit, this futuristic kitchen makes a bold design statement

Apparently defying the laws of gravity, this new kitchen island design by Paxmann Design of Bonn, Germany, offers a striking glimpse of the potential future home.

Owner Cornelius Paxmann has earned a reputation as a designer who knows no limits in his designs – other than those set by physics and practicalities. He demands much of the material that he uses for his kitchen furniture, and the choice of mineral-based solid surface material HI-MACS reflects its versatility.

It allowed him to combine form and proportion with technical and electronic devices. His skills are showcased by the 360cm seamless run of kitchen units that he made for one of his customers. The design appears to have pushed at the limits of physics and confounded the laws of gravity with the carcass of the long unit seemingly hovering on the side of an angle.

The structure itself was fabricated by Rosskopf + Partner who Paxmann praised, explaining that “the constellation of material and producer, allowed us to include many unrestricted shapes in our design.”

The flush-fitting hob modules also seem to defy physics, as they conceal extraction units integrated in the worksurface which reliably remove the cooking odours. Sinks and fittings are also designed by Paxmann, whilst the floating worksurface is made of special black glass.

The slim base of the furniture provides unexpectedly generous space for kitchen utensils. The drawers are handleless and close fully automatically at the lightest touch with electric drives.


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