Designer    Feature 30 May 2017

We talk to Whirlpool about the advantages and future of app technology in the home

Ian Moverley, Brand Communications Director at Whirlpool, said: “People increasingly want their kitchen appliances to do more, including task delegation as well as saving them time, energy and money, and all with exceptional levels of performance. Consumers are beginning to understand the great benefits that connected appliances bring to their everyday lives, and that by removing the possibility for human error, and delegating the choices to the appliance, greater savings on resources can be made. Whirlpool smart appliances not only help the consumer with regards to economy and resource savings, but also in terms of making their lives simpler.”

The Whirlpool connected washing machine and matching tumble dryer communicate with each other and can be controlled from anywhere using the app, which is available on both iOS and Android. The Whirlpool WiFi enabled
6th Sense Live Supreme NoFrost fridge freezer, the BSNF 8993/PB, can be controlled by using the app to adjust
and monitor settings, activate special functions, receive notifications, and receive hints and tips on food and drink storage. Offering assistance with smarter grocery management, the ‘shopping list’ function allows the user to create a food inventory and avoid unnecessary food wastage, by notifying them when expiry dates are approaching.

Smart devices are increasingly becoming a ‘normal’ feature in our homes and, this year in particular, the smart appliance market is what everyone is talking about. From televisions to sound systems, smart heating and security systems, smart kitchen appliances are simply the next step. Consumers increasingly want their kitchen appliances to do more; to save them time, energy and money, and all with exceptional levels of performance. They are starting to understand the great bene ts that connected appliances bring to their everyday lives, not only with regards to economy and resource savings, but also in terms of making their lives simpler.

With the consumer now expecting to see smart home products and appliances
in kitchen designs, as the technology becomes ever more talked about, the designer who does not keep up with the changing times, and chooses not to take the step into connectivity, is likely to be already missing out. Connected appliances offer innovation that brings genuine lifestyle benefits, and crucial economic improvements, that are real upsell opportunities.

Whirlpool’s Moverley said: “Dealing with complexity is always a challenge for designers. In theory, reducing complexity would mean a reduction in functionality, but Whirlpool’s focus is on designing feature-packed and complex products in such a way that they don’t become confusingly complicated. Whirlpool products
are designed to sense and adapt
to consumers’ needs, providing an effortless and intuitive experience, allowing users to make the most of their time and be free to live their lives.”

Connected appliances hold the potential to take resource saving to the next level through facilitating the possibility of functions that allow the user to delegate choices to the appliance. Offering the ultimate in ease-of-use, appliances would be able to choose the best time to operate, and this, in turn, would potentially allow for the integration of more re-usable energy into the running of our homes in the future.

“In Europe the strongest trends
are set to come from Smart Grid- enabled appliances,” added Moverley. “Environmental impact and cost are important consumer concerns, and smart enabled appliances can take resource savings to the next level.”

“Up until recently, most smart
devices have operated as standalone solutions. With more products offering connected technology, the consumer will be able to simplify their everyday lives with appliances and devices that communicate and interact with each other. Whirlpool creates technology with purpose that gives the busy consumer the time and freedom to
do what really matters to them. It is important to us that new products should empower and positively impact daily living; otherwise it’s simply technology for its own sake.”

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