kb-network    Feature 18 Apr 2017

Take a look into Kitchens International’s new dedicated after-care department

A kitchen can often be one of the biggest purchases in a homeowner’s life, bar the home itself! However, when it comes to after-care, consumers often neglect their kitchens and fail to keep up the proper maintenance required.

As a result, Kitchens International launched a brand new after-care department just last month, to ensure they can now provide a dedicated customer care service past the kitchen’s initial installation.

Described as a ‘pro-active approach’ towards client care, the department’s duties includes conducting repairs, for example if the worktop becomes chipped, or fixing any cabinet and appliance related queries.

However, in addition to carrying out repairs, the team also offers a Kitchen MOT service. By signing up to the annual plan, clients can have their kitchen re-aligned, touched up, restored, and even have their plumbing and lighting checked.

Commenting on the new after-care service, one client stated “I can’t begin to say how much I’m impressed with the aftercare service from KI. Within a few days someone visited me to install a new part for my kitchen that was over 5 years old.”

Looking like an attractive company service, it remains to be seen whether other kitchen specialists will join the ‘after-care’ revolution!

Kitchens International | kitchensinternational.co.uk