kb-network    Feature 19 May 2017

Style AND substance…read what kb-network thought of Hub Kitchens’ showroom relaunch!

Last night saw the official launch of Hub Kitchens’ revamped showroom in Battersea, and what a launch it was!

Exhibiting stunning examples of Italian interior design, Daniele Brutto and his team have certainly transformed the space into a coherent and elegant showroom which seems to welcome the design-savvy with its bright, statement focused, layout.

Showcasing a trio of contemporary kitchen designs, each scheme speaks to a different space requirement and social situation; plus, with designers such as TM Italia and Record è Cucine, one thing is certain and that is the quality of these high-end luxury kitchen designs.

However, the stand out design of the showroom has to be Record è Cucine’s ‘The Cut’.

Exhibiting a patented design that can be only be seen in two locations in the world, this truly is a gem in Alessandro Isola’s architectural crown.

Ideal for flexible designing and space-conscious homeowners, the design’s iconic breakfast bar is easily rotated up to 90º and can be extended from 1m up to 2m. When the table is fully extended it rests on a matt metal lever supporting leg, which is discreetly fitted in the underside of the table.

Boasting an abundance of customisable storage options within the suspended main island, the design’s ceiling-mounted drawers ensure the storage comes to you. Simply push the units using the feather-touch sensory system, and it will descend to the required position.

Of course no kitchen is complete without the best appliances the industry has to offer – and Hub Kitchens is no exception. Featuring Miele’s Artline oven range and two of Gaggenau’s finest combi-steam ovens, all cooking and cooking options are covered in this luxury showroom.

Commenting on the success of his 12-month journey, Daniele remarked “Our refurbished showroom offers discerning home owners the very best in Italian design flair and craftsmanship. With our partners, TM Italia and Record è Cucine, and high-end appliance brands, Miele and Gaggenau, Hub Kitchens is the perfect space to imagine and create your bespoke, dream kitchen.”

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