Utopia    Feature 01 Mar 2017

Stand out and refresh your bathroom with a freestanding bath that oozes luxury designer style

Typically associated with luxurious hotels, a freestanding bath makes a real statement. Placed in a prominent position in the bathroom to form a stunning centrepiece, this type of tub provides the ultimate touch of luxury and style.

A freestanding bath is a timeless investment piece that will put a instant stamp of style on your bathroom, not to mention provide you with a luxuriously indulgent bathing experience.

“A freestanding bath is a piece of sculpture in your bathroom, it’s a piece of art,” says Justin Homewood, founder and director of The Water Monopoly. “It’s not hard to see why these baths have stood the test of time, they’re simply beautiful and you can’t compare them with a built-in bath in terms of visual appeal.”

The classic choice of bath has a twist for 2017, this year it’s all about unique silhouettes and bright, bold colours. With this in mind it makes sense to choose the bath first when redesigning a bathroom, allowing the rest of the space to work around what will undoubtedly become the main centrepiece. But these baths are also incredibly versatile, you can locate them wherever you like, and as Justin points out, you shouldn’t be put off if you have a small space either.

“I think there’s a misconception that you need a large bathroom to have a freestanding bath, but they really can work well in bijou bathrooms too. This is because they’re usually  twice as deep as normal panelled baths, so you’re really maximising the space you have.” he explains.

Having said that, you can’t just shoehorn a bath like this in, it will take careful planning. Something this beautiful does need some room to breathe. A beautiful luxury and not the typical feature found in a standard bathroom, the freestanding bath oozes luxury and indulgence. But with so many new styles on offer, how do you choose the right one for you?

“Why not be brave and go for something colourful?” suggests Justin. “People are getting much braver with colours and shapes now. But also be sure to ask yourself the all-important question; will you still like it in five years time? In fact, that’s the first thing you should be asking yourself about any new piece of furniture, a re-design or renovation.”

Antony Smith, director of Water Baths of Ashbourne, recommends a luxurious stone freestanding bath. “A stone bath brings a distinctive edge to the bathroom and provides a focal point that will impress anyone who visits,” he says. “Smooth to the touch, stone baths retain heat, allowing you to enjoy a deeply immersed, warm bath.”

“Stone freestanding baths can provide the basis for the rest of your bathroom to be designed around, whether you’re going for a completely modern look or want to complement a natural vibe with stone basins.”


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine