Utopia    Feature 04 Aug 2017

We speak to kitchen expert Martin Holliday about his top tips for kitchen renovation

Martin Holliday established Chiselwood Limited in 1989. They specialise in bespoke cabinetry and multi-rooms in traditional and contemporary designs.

What are your top tips when designing a new kitchen?

Think about the future and how long this kitchen is going to be used by the client. Don’t skimp on the important things like the worktops and appliances. Try not to use many fashionable things that might date quickly.

What do you try to avoid?

Shiny black worktops that take a lot of work looking good. Latest key fashion or colours that cannot be changed easily. Avoid gadget furniture solutions.

How do you deal with client’s expectation when they ask for something you don’t think will look good or work?

We try and explain in a subtle way what won’t work and offer solutions. If the client still insists, we advise them of the reasons why. It is the company’s reputation if things go wrong so advising solutions that will offer a compromise will be better in the long run.

What advice would you give homeowners who are thinking about a new kitchen, but don’t know what they want?

Think about and list things they don’t like in the room now or things they don’t like in general. Budget for the best you can afford. Research and use Pinterest or a scrap book to bring the ideas early into the meeting.

How do homeowners know which kitchen company and kitchen designer
is right for them?

Visit a few companies and ask to meet the designer that will be working on the project. It is a long process and ensuring you like the person that will be part of that, is crucial.

Ensure you are happy that the designer understands and is listening to what you want to do with the room space too.