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Spanish architect Joaquin Torres introduces her new futuristic and angular bathroom range

A new bathroom range from Spanish architect Joaquin Torres reflects the futuristic, angular look that often characterises his studio’s building projects…

The latest additions to the Spirit II collection by L’antic Colonial, part of the Porcelanosa Group, are a selection of striking new bathroom products from Spanish designer Joaquin Torres of design studio A-cero.

Well-known in his native country as being ‘architect to the stars’, he has designed houses for actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, as well as footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane.

But A-cero – which Torres jointly heads-up with fellow architect Rafael Llamazares – has more substance than being solely a design destination for the rich and famous. It has a global presence with studios in Spain, Dubai and the Dominican Republic and has completed residential and commercial projects in many countries including Switzerland, Hungary, North Africa and Cuba.

The new designs for L’antic Colonial complete the Spirit II collection, which comprises a range of wall and floor coverings, furniture and sanitaryware in natural stone and wood.

Designer Kitchen & Bathroom asked Torres about this highly distinctive product line and the challenges in creating its unique look.

DESIGNER: The products in the collection have a highly unusual form. How technically difficult are they to produce?

JOAQUIN TORRES: A great deal of care and attention has to be taken throughout the manufacturing process, especially as the basin is a single piece of stone. A diamond blade is used to cut the block to size and a triple axis mill is used to create the basic shapes and lines of the basin. Every basin is then hand finished.

DESIGNER: The look seems quite ‘futuristic’ and yet also ‘organic’ – is that something you were specifically aiming to achieve?

TORRES: The collection is organic by nature due to the fact that it uses natural products but it does also represent a fusion between A-cero’s architecture and sculptural lines which transmit volumes and emotions.

DESIGNER: How important is the mix of different materials to the designs?

TORRES: The use of natural materials from L’Antic Colonial was important to guarantee a product of the highest quality and to ensure that each piece is unique whilst, at the same time, maintaining a cohesive appearance in combination with other elements of the collection.

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