Utopia    Feature 16 Aug 2017

This serene scheme makes for a heavenly home kitchen that is worth every penny!

Rational’s ‘Floo’ kitchen is uber-contemporary and minimalist and makes you feel like you’ve caught an exclusive glimpse into the future. Designed by Karim Rashid and created entirely in Corian it features a hi-tech and very futuristic remote- control dining table that forms part of the seamless kitchen.

The simple, minimalistic design of this kitchen has been inspired by round, natural shapes and strong monolithic elements. The concept features a continuous radius detail that also functions as a handle, and strong mono block storage elements with a clean seamless look. Whilst the colour scheme from the outside is a shimmering white, the interior is available in strong contrasting colours such a warm zinc yellow and cool dark purple. Other features include lacquered interiors of all units, built-in charging points for mobile phones, and a remote-controlled dining table that has sides that lift up and down.

“I see the kitchen more as a vast series of modules, so my approach is to treat kitchens as surfaces
like a painting – a large brush stroke, to bring some energy, a vista, to the banal large surface that faces the other spaces in a home. With the help of Rational, I created something
of pure geometry and refined detail,” commented designer Karim Rashid.

Rational | rational.de