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Sanjit Bahra discusses the important differentiation in kitchen and bathroom lighting solutions

With a myriad of elements to consider, it is no small feat to plan and integrate style conscious, practical lighting solutions that will work within a project. Sanjit Bahra, Founder and Designer at Design Plus Light, said “The kitchen and bathroom often have to have
the greatest variation in light levels: bright during the day or when you’re performing tasks such as cooking, shaving or make-up, and then a subtle, subdued ambience for a midnight snack or soak in the tub. I always ensure the setting is carefully built with layers of lighting; never just a singular light source. This is particularly important in kitchens.”


He adds that it is important to avoid rows of downlights to provide the bright lighting setting. “It can occasionally look like a developer’s scheme and doesn’t create a pleasant ambience. I locate downlights to illuminate specific task areas such as worktops and sink areas. It also works well to bring reflected uplight into a kitchen – from the top of joinery or from decorative pendants for example – as it lifts the impression of the space and creates the feeling of spaciousness.”


When it comes to the bathroom, Bahra suggests “bathroom mirrors are best lit with forward light – either a decorative mirror light or integrated lighting into the mirror will work; and these lights should always be dimmable. The bathroom, uniquely, will be used at every time of day, so I always add a night light to make this feasible – but do be aware of reflections in the floor finishes.”

“The bathroom often works in separate zones too; so, for the bath area, I like to create a setting whereby the downlights are switched off and there is a soft ambience from niche lights and more indirect light sources – this encourages a very relaxing atmosphere.”


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