Utopia    Feature 24 Jul 2017

We reveal the style secrets on how to work this season’s blue bathroom trend

Right from the royal tones up to light, bright eggshells, we’re loving the current trend for blue bathrooms. But, though seemingly simple, we can always use a little style advice; so we’ve spoken to experts in the bathroom design industry for their top tips on how to create the perfect blue bathroom…

“We are profoundly influenced by the colours which surround us and blue, the colour of sea and sky, are amongst the most powerful shades, evoking a real sense of health and well-being. It’s an easy palette to work with and perfect for bathrooms. From bright cerulean seaside shades through to paler, softer sky blues, they can work really well together, but steer away from the ‘cold’ greenish blues towards the purple-tinged shades which give a warmer and more luxurious look.” James Lentaigne, Director at Drummonds

“Traditionally, blue was definitely a colour to avoid in the bathroom as it was seen as a cold colour. All that has changed now with a much wider palette of blues available including rich, warmer tones. Blue is currently hugely popular throughout the home – after all, Denim Drift is Dulux’s colour of the year for 2017. This isn’t surprising as it’s been a key colour in kitchens for a few years now and this has inevitably spread throughout the home. And, of course, we are getting much more adventurous, experimenting with bold colours and letting magnolia take a back seat.” Sam Ball, Utopia Bathrooms.

“I love the opulent [deep blue] colours and I knew it would make our Zoo taps stand out beautifully,” commented Jemma Coles when discussing her latest bathroom design for Vado, “and when teamed with the rich warm tones of the wood it evokes an effortless Japanese-style feeling.”

Featured: This Clyde single ended cast iron bath from Drummonds is shown here in a beautiful nautical setting. The deep yet vibrant blues of the bath and tiles are reminiscent of the sea.

Drummonds | drummonds-uk.com