Designer    Feature 09 Jun 2017

Red alert! Sanjit Bahra explains the dos and don’ts of lighting design and sightlines

Sanjit Bahra, of Design Plus Light, suggests there are some elements of lighting a designer should definitely steer clear of. “When considering cabinetry, I suggest avoiding a multitude of individual lights – it’s my bête noir of kitchen lighting!” he said. “Use striplight with a homogeneous line of light. It makes for a deeper striplight and we work closely with kitchen designers to integrate this into the cabinetry, but it makes a huge difference. There is nothing worse than sitting down to a meal (as your eye level is lower) and noticing the glare from individual light points from the under-cabinet lighting.

“There is sometimes a temptation to go for cooler light sources in a kitchen as people think that creates a brighter setting. I prefer to keep the lighting
in a domestic setting to a warm white 2800K colour temperature, and achieve the feeling brightness with good lighting solutions.”


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Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine