Utopia    Feature 27 Jul 2017

Reach out and touch – we get a little touchy feely with the latest textural designs

This year particularly there’s been a big emphasis on texture in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

It’s not just about the visual aesthetic anymore, but it’s also about reaching out and touching fabrics, textures and materials. This season’s textural kitchens and bathrooms will really make you want to reach out and touch them – smooth, rough, bumpy or at these designs are tactile and the appeal is definitely tangible.

Richard Davonport. Managing Director, Davonport said. “The combination of tactile surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical, is becoming more important. We are seeing a definite move away from the mass produced high-gloss polyester look, to surfaces with substance, tone and character. Luxury has long been associated with a product feeling heavy or substantial and this is now being seen in kitchen design.”


Featured: This Leicht at Kitchens International kitchen shows textured furniture in a Topos Concrete finish. This off-white concrete finish adds a whole new dimension to the concrete offering a much broader use as it can be mixed and matched with a variety of other colours. The off-white tone creates a superb light refraction and contrasts with the Topos textured natural oak wall units and is trowelled on to the surface of the lacquered cabinet. This concrete finish comes in four colours – Dakar, Manhattan, Brasilia and Rust. Shown here in Dakar. Price on request.

Kitchens International | kitchensinternational.co.uk