Utopia    Feature 01 Dec 2014

Open Living Kitchens: The need-to-knows before attempting an all inclusive kitchen design

Multi-zone living — one open space that flows directly into the next — often needs to accommodate a meeting room, store cupboard, home office, music room, library, workroom, TV room, game console zone, dining, lounging, entertainment space and the traditional kitchen area. Yes, all of these relate to the cooking-eating-living environment we call the living kitchen. But can all of these areas really accommodate such disparate functions and goings on and still make for a well functioning home? We show you how…

Are you modernising your home into an open-plan living space and keen to ensure when it’s finished you won’t feel as though you’re always sitting in the kitchen? Thinking of including some comfortable chairs and fully integrated appliances? Well, you’ve certainly thought about it, but there are other things to consider (and some are invisible), that will make it a space you’ll enjoy living in — here are a few to set you on your way…


Low noise: Fridges, freezers and dishwashers can cause annoyance from noisy humming and vibration so check out low decibel appliances. It goes without saying, the washing machine or tumble dryer can be really noisy, so invest in a separate utility room.

Extractors: You won’t want pungent smells hanging around come breakfast time, so opt for something discreet like an extractor that doubles as a centrepiece light or an ‘invisible’ flush-to-ceiling little number. If your ceiling’s very high there are models that lower to the ideal height via a zap from the remote, or consider a downdraft — these skulk away discreetly in the base cabinet and pop-up as required.

Hobs: Induction hobs sit flush to the worktop which helps hide the fact that the space accommodates a kitchen — pick a colour to blend with your worktop. They only heat the pan not the room, and once the cooking’s finished they are not as hot to touch should someone inadvertently place something on top.

Extras: Also don’t forget to also check out sinks with flush covers, telescopic taps and full-height, wide-width cabinet doors which simply slide closed to hide the mess made by cooking — great when entertaining.



Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine