kb-network    Feature 06 Jun 2017

Online retailer reveals the shocking truths behind homeowners’ appliances after customer survey…

Appliancesdirect.co.uk has revealed the shocking discoveries behind its recent consumer survey, detailing just how much people know about appliance maintenance.

Titled ‘Power On: The Evolution of Appliances’, the new report revealed that more than half of Brits are risking higher energy bills as a result of not replacing appliances when they need to.

The data suggested that UK consumers are keen to avoid replacing appliances unless necessary, with the clear majority (87%) choosing to hold onto household appliance appliances until they break.

Additionally, 82% of those surveyed were not able to identify how often a dishwasher should be replaced, while 78% didn’t know how regularly an oven should be replaced.

However, 1 in 10 homeowners would replace an electrical appliance if they found another model that they thought was more stylish, even if their current model still worked!


So, how often should appliances be replaced?

Dishwasher: 9-15 years

Oven: 13-15 years

Refridgerator: 13-19 years

Washing Machine: 8-14 years

Vacuum Cleaner: 5-10 years

Commenting on their findings, marketing manager, Mark Kelly stated “It’s surprising to see just how little British adults know about their household appliances and how regularly they need to be replaced.

“Ensuring your home has up to date appliances can not only save money due to energy efficiency, but is also much safer”


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