Utopia    Feature 22 Feb 2017

Nothing says luxury like metallic golds and a sleek monochrome kitchen design…

Sometimes, minimalism just doesn’t quite cut it…

For the kitchen, you don’t have to go couture crazy; keep in mind that this zone, the hub of the home, has to be practical enough to use on a daily basis.

Cabinetry clad in a gold, silver or a shimmering effect can look truly luxurious; any reflective finish will play with the light beautifully to add opulence to an already striking scheme. Or, perhaps select a wow-factor worktop crafted from precious stones, this will provide a glamorous aesthetic in a natural and understated manner.

Consider your scheme on two levels – that which works for you on a practical level, and that which visually delights you every timer you enter the room. Do crystals where you can and choose semi-precious stones wherever possible, just ensure any materials you select have the correct coatings to ensure they’re practical and long lasting, as well as beautiful.

Selecting a sparkling scheme is about finding what fits; its Cinderella and her slipper – once you find what you like and what works in your space, the result is truly magical!


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine