Utopia    Feature 20 Feb 2017

Nothing says elegance like twenties inspired Great Gatsby art-deco design

From the drama of Downton to the glamour of Gatsby’s manor, the trends of the twenties are definitely enjoying a resurgence – though they look fabulous anywhere in the home – Art Deco is boundlessly beautiful in the bathroom…

A Deco design should be balanced – being as decadent and decorative, as it is quirky and artistic – creating the perfect ‘Art’ and ‘Deco’ balance. Think about sharp shapes, bold large-format mosaics and geometric designs, before considering the colours, finishes and accessories. From the sleek, symmetrical legs of a capacious vanity, to marble mosaic flooring, walls and splashbacks – unlike rooms which focus primarily on one show-stopping element, in an Art Deco bathroom every design detail counts.

This style is synonymous with opulence, glamour and luxury, and though it is essential to ensure your scheme exudes this, the effect can be succeeded through the use of strong colours, shapely features and striking materials, rather than necessitating an influx of crystal. The most luxurious Art Deco schemes employ reflective surfaces, whether this is highly polished marble, shimmering metallics or a parade of mirrors adorning the walls – any light within the room, be it natural or artificial, will be reflected and radiated around the space, adding instant opulence.

When it comes to colour, the Twenties style popularised the magic of monochrome. However, as Art Deco has evolved with time,  21st Century twists on the classic trend allow an influx of multiple colours, designs and finishes; you can tweak the trend to suit your style. With a style of such rich heritage, take on the traditions but be sure to make it suitable for you – personalisation is possible and functionality, as always, is a must!

Here at Utopia, we have picked the cream of the crop when it comes to Art Deco designing, ready for you to start building your opulent interior scheme.


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine