Utopia    Feature 01 Oct 2015

New sculptured kitchen island designs show the perfect blend of function and style

These captivating islands take all manner of cleverly crafted forms. From the exquisitely elegant to the wildly audacious, each one draws the eye and steals the show…


The kitchen island has been reborn. New sculptural designs that are highly functional yet visually enthralling are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason…

Statuesque and elegant, these carefully crafted fixtures demand attention. Whether they are seemingly flouting the laws of physics and appearing to defy gravity, or boggling the mindwith their unique asymmetric shapes, they are the striking focalpoints of the kitchen. Made from crafted wood, natural stone,or in a solid surface material that can be moulded into virtually any shape, these eye-catching, sculptural designs can take many forms and help transform your kitchen into a stunning art gallery.

Bigger doesn’t mean better with these captivating designs – so don’t let your concerns of space stand in your way. Monolithic islands may demand attention, but sculptural designs have curious forms, with irregular angles and arresting curves.

Keep everything else in the kitchen minimal. Handleless, sleek cabinetry along your walls will help keep the spotlight on the island. Remember to consider what you need from your island – it has to be functional too. If extra preparation space is essential then opt for a design with a large worksurface. Or if you plan to cook on the island you will need one that can house appliances. An extractor hood may detract from the islands look, so opt for a concealable downdraft extractor instead.

“Statement elements such as an impressive island unit can really set a kitchen design apart and add unique value,” says Mark Hill, UK and Ireland country manager at DuPont, manufacturer of solid surface material, Corian. “Corian is an ideal material for creating a sculptural look due to its incredible design versatility. Designers and homeowners have free reign to turn imagination into reality!”


Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine