Designer    Feature 27 Feb 2014

Mobility and Sustainability: Designers Dupoint Corian introduce new adaptable kitchen design

How will future lifestyle changes affect the kind of kitchen and bathroom products that we will need? That was the question addressed by Corian and designers Paul Flowers and Nobert Brakonier at imm Cologne

How we will live tomorrow – and how our living circumstances might reflect the changes in society – is a big question to tackle. As part of its Endless Evolution campaign, Corian set about putting the thoughts of some leading designers into tangible form, bringing them to life in order to help inspire and stimulate discussion.

The DuPont Corian stand at imm Cologne recently presented the ‘Modern Nomads’ concept featuring an adaptable kitchen design by Luxembourg-based designer Nobert Brakonier and freestanding pieces for the bathroom by Grohe Vice President of Design, Paul Flowers.

Nobert Brakonier’s futuristic kitchen design incorporates not only new functions and novel ideas of organisation but also combines two essential values: mobility and sustainability.

The idea of mobility becomes evident in the flexible, interchangeable modules which in this case contain a refrigerator, an oven and a kitchen sink. To further support the idea of mobility and in order to minimise installation time, all modules are hooked up to a special docking unit, supplying them with water and electricity.

Skillfully incorporated storage spaces, flexible water supply and electricity outlets as well as bar stools that can be hidden in the unit ensure that available space is used in an optimal, easily accessible and demand-oriented way. While different functions of the modules are not immediately visible, striking colour combinations – in this instance, Corian Glacier White and the new Deep Nocturne – unusual edge trimming and seamless joints contribute to its appearance of monolithic elegance.

A further highlight of the design is the distinctive worksurface. On demand, it can be swivelled into the room and serves as either a kitchen workspace, a breakfast bar or a desk, meaning that the multi-functional kitchen modules can take on an additional role as living room or  home office furniture.

The worksurface contains an integrated wireless recharging system for smart phones and tablets. Wireless LAN, hidden speakers, and additional power outlets further support the multi-functional, high-tech usage.

In the bathroom meanwhile, the objects designed by Flowers have little in common with conventional bathroom furniture. They incorporate developments of an advancing society; answer a growing desire for mobility without uprooting or ignoring the changing circumstances of the different phases of the users’ life.

Flowers has created freestanding, flexible, individual pieces of furniture which can be easily moved. Each piece can create its own island of comfort and well-being, while adapting to changing circumstances and new layouts.

The details and materials of these designs are intended to form an ideal aesthetic and practical partnership. Integrated power cords with colourful textile linings, striking chrome connections, slender oak legs, functional towel racks, indirect lighting – as well as Corian surfaces – form a bridge between function and design.

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