Utopia    Feature 11 Sep 2017

Interior Designer Maurizio Pellizzoni explains why Italian design is so sought after

There must be something in the water in Italy. From their impeccable dress sense to their effortless gift for making things look beautiful, the Italians are not only dedicated followers of fashion, but worldwide leaders when it comes to setting new interior design trends.

Italian Interior Designer, Maurizio Pellizzoni, says design is part of everyday life for anyone growing up in Italy.

“From fashion to furniture and interiors, design is part of the Italian culture and the status quo. This makes it easier and a natural process for interior designers to create something unique and different. I think it’s also the ease of access to knowledge on the use of products and materials – new and traditional, but also the constant research in Italy to strive to create something new and innovative.”

Many kitchen and bathroom companies originating in Italy are family businesses that go back generations. Italian homes are often luxurious

and layered in stunning detail too.

“Renaissance design harks back to
the mid 14th Century with elaborate materials and fine, ornate details,”
says Maurizio. “Today, modern Italian style is far more minimalistic, however, both styles (traditional and new) still exist and both continue to portray meticulous craftsmanship, luxury and high-quality materials. These Italian companies are tastemakers for a discerning clientele and
always strive to create new product innovations. These combined elements are the very crux that make Italian interior design stand out.”

Featured: This Shoreditch loft apartment bespoke bathroom, designed by Maurizio Pellizzoni, features sanitary ware from Boffi and crystal glass around the shower with a blue and green tint.

Maurizio Pellizzoni | mauriziopellizzoni.co.uk 

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