Designer    Feature 29 May 2017

We look at the latest home app technology, and how they’re revolutionising the KB sector

Most of us are very used to 
the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology. Whether by mobile phone or tablet, our access to information and communication has become ever more sophisticated. The next great leap is
the development of further ways in which this technology can be used to enhance our lives, and there is plenty of attention on how it can be used to help us manage our homes in the context of increasingly busy lifestyles.

Kitchen appliances have been integrating WiFi technology for a while now. From the notion of the ‘internet-enabled refrigerator’ first discussed around a decade ago, things have moved on considerably, with a multitude of appliance manufacturers committing considerable R&D time and money to take things on to the next level. For example, Bosch and Siemens WiFi-connected appliances with Home Connect allow consumers to have
full control of their home appliances, wherever they are. From a single app, consumers can conveniently preheat the oven from their desk or view the contents of their fridge when out
at the supermarket.

Home Connect offers a wide range of functions that allow consumers to do much more than control their appliances remotely. They can use the app to view recipes, let the app recommend the best programme for washing laundry, and discover tips on how to use the appliance to its full potential.

Image Credit: Crestron and Knektd Ltd


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