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Kitchen designer Tomaso Toncelli uses bespoke marble sheeting in The Essential Quadra kitchen

The Essential Quadra kitchen by Toncelli uses thin sheets of marble to create a monolithic style with a light touch

The inspiration behind Tomaso Toncelli’s new Emperador Dark marble version of the Essential Quadra kitchen was two-fold, drawing on mathematics and nature to create units that are simple, elegant and functional. “My inspiration was from geometry, the very essence of the forms themselves,” he says. “The technology that we used in these pieces enabled me to transform kitchen furniture into sculpture.”

“Every piece is unique thanks to the natural material; a thin layer of marble that enhances the geometric shapes. The doors are finished in Spanish Emperador Dark, a chocolate brown marble with a fine grain and irregular crossed lighter veins. The occasional trace of creamy coloured calcite enhances its beauty.”

In order to avoid the literal and visual heaviness that can so easily come with stone-faced cabinetry, Toncelli has kept the layers of marble thin. “To ensure a better functionality and lightness, the marble is structured on glass supports in minimal thickness,” he explains. The richness of colour continues on the inside of the cabinets, which are finished in bronze.

The latest version of the Essential Quadra kitchen keeps some of the elements of automation of its original. A touch of a button moves the marble-covered worktop backwards to reveal the hob and sink, creating a breakfast bar. Touch it again and the detritus from dinner can be quickly concealed.

Next to the hob there is a pull-out chopping board, whilst beneath is a double drawer for cutlery and implements. The decorative granite doors surrounding the built-in appliances also conceal massive amounts of storage. Part of Toncelli’s aim with this design was to ensure that there is a place for everything so that the kitchen remains minimal when not in use. He says: “The sliding top completely hides the washing and cooking areas. Thanks to its contemporary design, Essential can be positioned as normal in the kitchen, but is equally at home in open spaces and living areas.”

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