Designer    Feature 01 Aug 2016

Karim El-Ishmawi talks about Kinzo’s new SieMatic 29, the ultimate stylish sideboard

SieMatic has been making furniture for the home since 1929 and one of its first ‘bridge’ pieces – even if they were not called that in 1929 – between the kitchen and living areas of the home was a sideboard. At the Living Kitchen exhibition in 2015 it created quite a stir when it launched SieMatic 29, a new take on the company’s heritage. Karim El-Ishmawi of Kinzo explains the journey from 1929 to SieMatic 29.

“In the beginning, there was a sepia-toned photograph of the first SieMatic sideboard from 1929. We were looking at the starting point of SieMatic’s long history from a vantage point almost a century later, admiring its simplicity and nonchalance. It became clear that, for the new object, we wanted to revisit the classic shape, but also that the result must be distinctly Kinzo. So, yes, we used it a starting point, but not as an absolute guideline in the design process.
“It’s the emotion of traditional furniture, as well as the quality, that made pieces beloved companions for a lifetime. The SieMatic 29, for example, is a three dimensional object that can be placed around a home, and follow you wherever your life takes you. And, unlike many modern kitchens, which are designed to simply look good in the front, the SieMatic 29 is designed to be like a piece of jewellery that’s not only functional, but wants to be admired from every angle.”

“Whether it’s parties or in the office, in our experience the kitchen is the place to be, and the SieMatic 29 follows this idea. It’s bridging two areas that used to be exclusive of each other, paying tribute to the fact that the way we think about food is changing too. Cooking is not just something you do to stay alive, but a lifestyle in itself. People want their kitchen to be part of it, and they don’t want it to be a space separated from the rest of their home.

“The form we designed is not a totally new approach, it also embraces the traditional. The classic silhouette of such cabinets has been around for quite some time now, and I believe that this piece, with its wide range of options for customisation from size and colour to a stovetop and a USB charging station, will prove to be an equally timeless design.”


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