Utopia    Feature 03 Jul 2017

Jeremy Pang gives advice on spicing up your home kitchen in this exclusive Utopia interview

School of Wok founder, author and award-winning TV chef Jeremy Pang comes from three generations of Chinese chefs. He attributes his love of food to his father, who was keen for him to experience exciting favours and exotic foods while he was a young boy. His favourite phrase is; “Ni Chi Fan
Le Ma”, meaning, “Have
 you eaten yet?”

Tell us about your kitchen at home

Josie, from Symphony Kitchens was our kitchen designer along with me and my wife. We love a project and this is the second home kitchen we have designed ourselves. It’s amazing how different the two are. In our first home, we went for more of a country kitchen vibe but this time round we’ve gone for a much cleaner and modern look, which works well with the wooden parquet floor and our solid oak table in the middle. The cabinets are a mixture of gloss grey and gloss white, with built-in chrome handles. The Blanco deep 700mm
sink is a god send as you can fit whole baking trays and big chopping boards in there without taking up all the space. Small touches like the under- counter lighting and LED trim lighting across the kickboards make it lovely to have on in the night without the main lights. The completely grainless white quartz is great to work on too.

Top tips?

My two ovens; an AEG pyrolytic
and an AEG steam oven, is a god send especially as they are out of
the way of the hobs as well. This gave us enough space for me to be cooking on the hob while my wife bakes at the same time. The large worktop and breakfast bar is great for our kind of living, as we can have a laptop on one side, while still having enough space to cook on the other.

What do you likeabout your kitchen?

I love that it’s designed completely for our style of living. We can
do everything we want without bumping into each other too much. There is space to prep and I love that most of our cabinets are reachable (we are both quite short!). The modern design sits perfectly with more traditional woods, and the contrast of wood to gloss is quite serene. I love that a large wooden table can sit in the middle of the kitchen and we can have friends and family sitting around the table, like a bit of a home ‘chefs table’. It’s a very sociable space.

What would you change about it?

I do think that maybe I went a little too big sometimes, but then maybe that’s because the house is quite small? But hey, I’m a chef, where would I be without a good kitchen?

What kitchen appliances can you not live without?

AEG Induction Wok Burner, AEG Steam Oven and our AEG double fridge freezer.

What advice would you give homeowners if they want a professional kitchen?

I would recommend a glass splash back that sits all the way up to the base of your top cabinets; it’s so much easier to clean and always looks great. Don’t forget to put plug sockets in the right place. We accidentally put one near the sink at first, so had to cover that up! The more plug sockets the better, especially under or on an island
or breakfast bar (for laptops, food processors, etc). No matter what size your kitchen is, try and get as long a run of clear worktop as you can, this will help tremendously when preparing your food. Get an extractor with a high-pressure suction – don’t just go on its looks.

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