kb-network    Feature 21 Sep 2016

Jasper Morrison designs ‘Lepic’ – his first industrially produced kitchen for Schiffini

Schiffini’s Lepic it is the first industrially produced kitchen designed by Jasper Morrison after having designed many timeless products for pretty much every part of the home.

Lepic is definitely a unique project which aims to distinguishes itself from the mainstream and for this reason completely fits in with Morrison’s design philosophy. It comes following a typically long creative gestation period, having taken two years to design and above all refine and curate the smallest detail of a kitchen that looks, on the face of it, astonishingly simple

Lepic is indeed an apparently easy and intuitive system but rich in detail, particularly in terms of its combinations of different materials, and numerous composition variations. These characteristics are typical of Morrison, often using the images of common and familiar objects and reinterpret them by enhancing these through the details and finishes.

Published in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine