Utopia    Feature 28 Feb 2017

It’s time to explore the time-honoured tradition of painted wooden kitchens…

The time-honoured tradition of the wooden kitchen is ever-popular. From Shaker-style cabinetry to charming country kitchens, we’re throwing out the rulebook and using colour to kick it up a notch!

Since the dawn of time, colour has been used as a form of personal expression; from Palaeolithic cave paintings to Picasso, the selection of specific shade and tone have definite gravity in any design. Colour has also evolved within the kitchen, to stand as a defining element, rather than just a finish.

Sometimes it is very tempting to lean further one way or the other – neutral whites work wonderfully in most places, and if you’re daring enough, consider sunshine yellow – but there are thousands of possibilities, so don’t restrict yourself to the ‘normal’. Painted wood kitchens should present the perfect balance between creativity and class; use colour to add visual interest, while also enhancing the natural aesthetic of the wooden cabinetry.

The first step is a great wooden kitchen. Whether you prefer solid oak doors, rough-around-the-edges raw woods, or a sleek, minimalist veneer – shape is everything in this department – ensure you like the cut and style before even considering the finish.

Then it’s all about location – where will the colour work best? Do you opt for a muted shade to ensure it will suit all your surrounding cabinetry, or stray from convention, turn vivaciously vibrant and select saffron orange? It’s all a question of balance; brighter tones can work well to finish a central island, when the surrounding cabinetry and walls are in an understated shade. If you are fortunate enough to have large windows and an influx of natural light, then cooler blue hues can suit any surface, as they will be brightened by the incoming light.

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine