Designer    Feature 28 Mar 2014

Interior Designer Katie Anson talks about her design inspiration: Nature, Tree Bark and Geometry

My Design Inspiration by Katie Anson

“I’ve been influenced by many iconic architects and designers over the years, but inspiration goes a little deeper than that.  For me, nothing will ever beat nature itself – from the texture of tree bark to the intricate beauty of shells – for patterns, geometry and colour.

We use natural materials wherever possible at SHH and I‘m always on the lookout for innovative new adaptations. A current favourite is paper-thin natural stone used for wall coverings – both Weitzner and Decolan have great ranges.

Another product that nods to natural forms but this time more wittily, is the ‘Goccia’ tap by Gessi where the end of the spout resembles a water droplet.”

Katie Anson is an Interior Designer and residential specialist at architects and designers SHH


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